Science Explains Why Wearing a Flexible Pregnancy Support Belt is Best

Flexible pregnancy support belts are best

Science Explains Why Wearing a Flexible Pregnancy Support Belt is Best

Over the years, international research has shown the benefits of wearing a support belt during pregnancy for pelvic joint pain. This is when the symphysis pubis joint at the front of the pelvis or the two joints at the back of the pelvis called the sacroiliac joints, individually or all may be unstable and painful. Pelvic joint pain is also known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

How Can a Pregnancy Support Belt Help?

Causes of SPD are poorly understood and differ between individual. Lifestyle, work activities, genetics, hormonal and biomechanical factors are all possibilities. But the symptom of acute pain with every step, no matter what the cause, is very debilitating and distressing. A pelvic support belt worn low around the pelvis will offer stability to the joints. It will also promote healthy muscle activity by taking up the work the ligaments are ‘slacking off’ on. This, in turn, can reduce the pain, help maintain normal muscle tone and allow you to keep up with your daily activities. Win!

Research on a Flexible vs Rigid Support Belt

In a small pilot study the ‘adherence, tolerance and effectiveness of two different support belts’ – one flexible and one rigid, was examined. The Smileybelt was the flexible support belt used in the research. This study was published in the BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth – 2015

A flexible pregnancy support belt was preferred by 82% of the pregnant women who were suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction.

It noted SPD causes significant pain and limits everyday activities, it may not resolve after childbirth and often reoccurs in subsequent pregnancies. For these reasons, it is vital for pregnant women to seek help and not to believe SPD will cure itself or will go away after the birth of their baby.

The results and benefits found from wearing the Smileybelt were:

  • relieved pain
  • improved daily function
  • it was more comfortable than a rigid belt
  • because it is more comfortable than a rigid belt it can be worn for longer durations of time
  • it had no adverse effects.

You can read the full study here…

The Smileybelt is not only known as the most comfortable pregnancy support belt, it is also versatile. It is often worn for belly support (with the wide part at the front) to reduce low to mid back pain, ease round ligament pain and/or abdominal muscle strain.

If you suffer from SPD, wear Smileybelt with the wide part at the back for pelvic joint support. Wear it like this to sleep if you have pain in bed at night. Try wearing it as a belly band while cooking dinner, bathing other children and whilst doing other household activities. You’ll feel relief as you take the weight off your tired back and tummy at the end of the day!

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