Smileybelt reviews

A lot of happy people

  1. Lynlee

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for such an awesome product! And such prompt delivery! Wish I had this a lot sooner. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and have been getting quite bad pelvic pain. I’m definitely smiling now, the difference was instantaneous! Thanks again, I’ll definitely be recommending this product ūüôā

  2. Loretta

    I am 6 months pregnant and for the past two weeks I have been having severe hip joint pain to the point that I cant walk, bend or turn without screaming pain. Physio recommended this belt and it is the best $58.00 I have ever spent.

    Day 1 – pain greatly reduced. Day 2 – I can actually use the hurting side to walk. Day 3 – I can sit up from bed without much pain. Day 4 – I can walk the dog. Day 5 – as long as I am not lifting heavy things, bending quickly, I feel normal. Highly recommended!

  3. Monique

    I only became aware of the Smileybelt through my mother who recently met you at a gathering in Havelock North (my hometown). She insisted that I check it out and order one. I don’t normally have back issues but I am amazed at how much support I get from that belt. I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and frequently pick up my two other children (3¬†years and 22 months) therefore I really do need something to give me extra support. I am now forever suggesting to other mothers that this is the belt they need! Thanks again for an awesome product ūüôā

  4. Sally Woodham / Physiotherapist NZIR @ Village Physiotherapy

    I have many clients from all walks of life and occupations with lower back pain to whom I have recommended the use of a Smileybelt.

    The point of difference with these low back support belts I feel, is that they support but do not hinder movement so you can still carry out normal everyday activities with greater ease.

    The belts are shaped in the front which means they dont dig in when bending forward and they are light and easy to fit and wear.

    Regular and enthusiastic comments from clients about the Smileybelts are ‘invaluable’ ‘fantastic’ ‘my friend’ ‘great’ ‘wish I had one of these sooner’ ‘my sister needs one of these’ & ‘I will tell others about these’.

  5. Maree

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know my belt arrived this afternoon and I put it straight on. What a difference!! Thank you.

  6. Michelle

    At 31 weeks, my Smiley Belt has become my lifeline. It means I can still get to work, and do things around the house without being in so much pain. Thank you so much!

  7. Jenny K

    Thank you !! I have recieved my Smileybelt today and already the difference it has made to my pelvic pain is amazing. I took it for my usual daily walk and have spent a few hours working in the kitchen, and feel so much more comfortable. I am only 18 weeks pregnant but have been having pelvic pain since 7 weeks. I imagine it would have only gotten worse in the months to come, so I am over joyed that I was recommended this product. Thanks.

  8. Kelly

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing your product is!!! I am 30¬†weeks pregnant and was so sore I could hardly walk into my physio today. I walked out with the belt on and no pain!! I couldn’t believe it and the name is so true because I¬†have been smiling ever since. Thank you so much for your amazing product xxxx

  9. Jeanette, Whitianga

    The belt has been great for my patient – I am sure I will be ordering more.

  10. Sue, Auckland

    I can actually roll over in bed now without screaming. I only wish someone had told me about the Smiley Belt 10 weeks ago.

  11. Jennie, Levin

    These belts should be in every midwife’s toolkit – it is such a relief to have the weight lifted! Thanks again

  12. Yvette

    Thought I would write to say the Smiley Belt enabled me to walk again without pelvic pain. I was pregnant with twins and put on bed rest at 18 weeks because I had dreadful pelvic pain and was unable to walk comfortably. This belt enabled me to walk from the car to my hospital appointments and around the home. My physio at the hospital lent me this belt and I am so glad she did!

  13. Rebecca Sandringham

    My life has changed in a matter of minutes. It’s much easier to get down on the floor with my toddler and walking around is almost normal again. I wish I had discovered your product sooner. I definitely recommend this to everybody. Thank you also for packaging it so nicely, what a nice touch. I hope your business does well, you deserve it.

  14. Nicole

    I received my belt this morning and I just wanted to say I have only been wearing it for an hour and I can feel the difference already! Thank you!!!

  15. Kate, Torbay

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful product

    I ordered and paid for my Smiley Belt on Wednesday afternoon and was stunned when I came home an hour later and it was already here*. Thank you so much, it is such a relief. Within an hour of putting it on I noticed all my pain had lessened and it has just been an absolute miracle over the past two days.

    I only wish I had found out about the Smiley Belt weeks ago. I can now play with my daughter and pick her up without grimmacing in pain. I will recommend it to everyone.

    Thank you so much

  16. Gretchen, Taupo

    I received my Smiley Belt last week and have lived in it ever since. The all day relief the belt provides is incredible. I can even get down on the floor and play with my two children. I hope you don’t mind but I have passed on your pamphlet to my midwife who was very impressed with your product. She has in all her years experience, never seen such a great support for pregnant or after birth women to wear.

  17. Melanie, Auckland

    16 weeks into my first pregnancy, with previous back injuries, I started to struggle with vacuuming, stairs and my desk job – and worried about how it would be in a few months time when I am bigger. Describing my symptoms of pain to my midwife, she immediately suggested the Smiley Belt. I laughed and asked if that was ‘really’ called … and a few days into wearing my Smiley Belt it lives up to its name! I am resuming my normal gait, feeling less strain in the back of my thigh. I appreciate not just the quality of this product but also the care and generosity with which Julia runs her business, evident when I sent her an email enquiry and received a phone call from her not long afterwards – and the product the very next day! Thanks Christine for the great work you began and Julia, for progressing this.

  18. Anninka

    So happy with my Smileybelt purchase! I got my belt the very next day after I placed my order and it has been really great for my lower back pain. It was recommended by my Physio. I’ve found the customer service to be excellent, from helping with a sizing question through to wrapping my purchase with a purple bow. Thanks team!!

  19. Sian

    Gave the Smileybelt a go in bed last night…. it was awesome! I even sneekily took it ooff to see the difference and it was HUGE…. highly recommend:))))

  20. Erin

    I can’t recomment the Smileybelt enough. I¬†am a nurse and work 8 1/2 hour days on my¬†feet – there is no sitting down in my job. I¬†was getting right groin pain due to ligament stretching and that burning pain was distracting. My midwife recommended the Smileybelt and I’ve worn it everyday since – a few hours without it and those pesky ligamant pains are back. It’s amazing! I have no trouble even at nearly 30 weeks with my shifts due to wearing it. Also helps at night with back pain as my body adjusts to the growth each time. I highly recommend it! Thank you for your great product.

  21. Penelope

    So impressed with the Smileybelt you sent recently (instant relief, longer exercise time, reduced tiredness at the end of the day and better sleep) that I wanted to buy another so I can alternate them when one is washed. Thank you! P

  22. Anna

    I just wanted to let you know I purchased your product about 10 days ago after I was advised that the pain I had been experiencing during pregnancy was SPD and the physio I saw recommended your belt.

    I have an acticve job managing a group exercise programme for a University and had found work was becoming very painful. In particular training clients where I would be standing for long periods. I am now 30 weeks and have had this pain since 22 weeks (it has taken a while to figure out exactly what is was!).

    Your belt has doubled the time I can spend on my feet. I was beginning to wonder if I would be able to work and teach right the way up a few weeks ago, as I was finding my window of opportunity on my feet was becoming smaller and smaller each week. The swelling is still there but it has gone down, and I am no longer icing my groin inbetween clients and classes and I am able to last the day at work.

    Thank you, your product helped me feel confident I can continue to work in an active field until delivery. It has made a significant difference in a short space of time.

  23. Kamini, Dunedin

    I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the Smileybelt I ordered.

    I was very sceptical when ordering it as I couldn’t understand how a belt could offer so much relief. After wearing it for a few days I couldn’t believe the relief the belt gave my lower back. Before this I would be near to tears at night after running around after my toddler all day and finding it difficult to lift her. I cannot thank you enough as it has changed my whole pregnancy.

  24. Joseph

    Wow, not only a fantastic product which provides my wife with support to take the weight of the baby she is carrying off her pelvis, also incredible customer service! We paid by internet banking last night thinking we would receive the Smileybelt a couple of days later and then got a knock at the front door this morning from the courier droping it off! Thank you so much:-)