Our Story

Back in the mid 90’s, Mum was working as a physiotherapist, regularly treating women with all manner of pregnancy-related issues. Frustratingly, the support belts used to help these painful pregnancy related problems weren’t readily available and well, they just weren’t designed with pregnant women in mind. Cue a light bulb moment – why not design a support belt specifically for pregnancy?! And so she did. Go mum.

Mum used her years of knowledge and experience and came up with a unique and effective pregnancy support belt. Unlike existing support bands, Mum’s clever bands were flexible, supportive, shaped to fit the pelvis and versatile (they could be worn for pelvic joint pain or low back and abdominal strain). Seeing the smiles of relief when her first two customers tried it on marked the moment she decided to call her support belt a Smileybelt. Cheesy, we know. But the smiles kept on rolling in. Quite honestly, the positive feedback we continue to get is what has kept us going all these years (check out what our relieved customers say here).

Christine and Julia Snelling Smileybelt team

Smileybelt for Back Pain Is Born


To our surprise, we found out that many women passed their Smileybelts on to their partners, and it helped relieve their back pain too. This is how Smileybelt for back pain began. Now Smileybelts are worn by both women and men to relieve their back, pelvic and hip pain.

I grew up with Mum’s love for Smileybelt. As a yoga teacher with a keen interest in self care practices, it was always in my mind that when Mum needed to slow down, I would take over and carry on with her wonderful work. I am so glad I did. Together with my hubby Ben and Annaliese, our lovely support lady in Australia, we love helping people feel better.

Three cheers for giving birth to Smileybelt Mum!

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