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Measuring for Pregnancy
There are two ways you can wear your Smileybelt during pregnancy – one for pelvic joint pain and one for abdominal strain and low back pain. To measure for both is the same. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your body at the level of your pubic bone then match that measurement up with our size chart below. The video below shows where if you’re unsure.

Measuring for Non-Pregnant Back Pain
For general mid to lower back pain measure around your body at the level of your hip bones. For sacroiliac joint pain or instability measure around the level of your pubic bone. Match your measurement with our size chart below.

If You Don’t Have a Measuring Tape
You can use pretty much anything – a piece of string, side of a towel, or a belt – just wrapping it around, again at the level of the pubic bone. And just measure that length off against a ruler or a builders tape measure.

If you’re still unsure get in touch – support is the name of our game!



Due to a number of enquires, we have made a Smileybelt extender! It functions to lengthen the XL to the equivalent of an XXL and an XXXL. So if you’re measuring between 130-160cm this is for you. It will also be useful if you’re carrying multiples or are planning on using the Smileybelt both ways at different times of the day and are on the cusp of sizes. If that sounds like you, add it into the cart.


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