Back Pain

Low back problems can be so difficult. The pain can slow you down, disrupt daily activities, cause frustration and even disillusionment with life. Sometimes all you need is a little extra support and pain relief to keep you active and able to do all the things you love, and have to do.

Smileybelt will be beneficial for you if you:

Smileybelt for lower back pain
  • are recovering from mild to moderate low back pain
  • suffer from chronic pain, especially at night
  • are vulnerable to back injury
  • you have sacro-iliac joint instability
  • you have spine instability
  • work on your feet a lot and just need some extra support

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I have many clients from all walks of life and occupations with lower back pain to whom I have recommended the use of a Smileybelt. The point of difference with these low back support belts I feel, is that they support but do not hinder movement so you can still carry out normal everyday activities with greater ease. Regular and enthusiastic comments from clients about the Smileybelts are 'invaluable' 'fantastic' 'my friend' 'great' 'wish I had one of these sooner' 'my sister needs one of these' & 'I will tell others about these'.

Sally Woodham / Physiotherapist NZIR @ Village Physiotherapy

How does Smileybelt work?

Smileybelt for lower back pain
Back pain can have many causes, but whatever the cause the result is associated muscle spasm which inhibits activity and sleep patterns. Over time this will create muscle imbalances and altered posture.
Flexible and supportive, Smileybelt helps reduce muscle spasm by stabilising the pelvic and lower lumbar joints. It encourages normal muscle patterns of movement when you move, which will enhance your recovery and help prevent re-injury.
Evidence based treatment options for mild to moderate back pain now recommend in most cases we should keep moving rather than resorting to bed rest. Use a Smileybelt back support to give you the security, confidence and pain relief you need to ease back into activity.

Smileybelt success stories are everywhere.

Lower back pain 3
Hard labour workers
Warehouse workers
Back pain support belt 2
Those working on their feet 
Lower back pain gardening
For Leisure 

& the list continues to grow!

Will wearing a Smileybelt stop my core from working?

In short, no. Smileybelt won’t stop your core from working! It will give your joints stability so your muscles can perform efficiently and not fatigue quickly and then spasm, causing pain.
Longer answer: No, the flexibility and shape of the Smileybelt means your core muscles are still working but the stabilising effect encourages the muscles to work in better patterns of co ordination, controlling intra abdominal pressure and reducing stress and pain.

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