If you haven’t found what you need or would like some personalised advice please get in touch with us. In the meantime here is a list of questions we are frequently asked, with some helpful answers:

Yes we do! We have Smileybelts in Australia so for Australian orders you can order through this website and we will get relief to you via Australia Post express delivery. For orders anywhere else in the world please contact us for a quote on shipping costs.
    If you don’t have a measuring tape but have a ruler or a builders measuring tape, you can still get an accurate measurement for sizing. Simply wrap anything long eg. your phone charging cable, a towel, a piece of string, around your body at the appropriate level (see below), then measure that length off against your ruler or builders tape. For pregnancy measure around your body at the level of your pubic bone. For non pregnant back or hip pain measure around your body at the level of your hip bones. If you don’t have any type of measuring mechanism please get in touch and we will happily try assist you in choosing the right size.
If you are between sizes and unsure whether to go up or down here are a couple of things that may help you choose. If you plan to use the Smileybelt as a belly band for abdominal support going up to the next size is recommended. For joint pain the Smileybelt is worn around the pelvis, you won’t grow a huge amount in that area during pregnancy. Generally, the biggest growth spurt in pregnancy will come around 27-30 weeks so if you are early on in your pregnancy and measure 1 or 2cm from the beginning of the next size going up will probably be best for your comfort. If you’re unsure get in touch and we will gladly guide you.
When worn for pelvic joint and sacroiliac joint support you want it to be as firm as you can have it comfortably. As a belly band for abdominal support it doesn’t need to be tight to offer a great ease on the weight and strain.
Wear your Smileybelt over under-clothes and cover with outer clothing. Smileybelt logo goes at the back for pelvic joint pain - symphysis pubis & sacro-iliac pain. Smileybelt logo goes at the front for low back pain and as a belly belt for abdominal support. Wrap your Smileybelt around your pelvis, holding onto the velcro on each side. Before you do the velcro ends up, gently pull them to take up a bit of the slack and then cross the velcro ends over.
Firstly, we don’t have a high mark-up on our products. Secondly, we have chosen to sell direct to our customers online (and by phone order back in the day!) and save you paying the middle man. This way we can save you the money you didn’t need to spend. We offer free delivery directly to your doorstep with express post. Win Win!
For New Zealand orders we are sending from Wellington via Courierpost and New Zealand couriers, using their overnight service. 90% of the time it will get to you overnight if your order has come in before 3pm. If you're ordering on a Friday a Saturday delivery option is in the checkout for an extra $5. For Australian orders, we are sending from our lovely little spot in Geelong via express post. We endeavour to send all orders that come in before 3pm same day so you should receive it in 1-3 working days. You can check the Auspost site here if you need more precise timing: https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/
Wash your Smileybelt in warm water with a mild soap and then let it drip dry. It can be machine washed - we recommend you wash it with the velcro done up to prevent fluff getting stuck in it.
It hasn't been fashionable to wear a back support for a decade or two, but every other joint is strapped to enhance recovery. Research now indicates there is a right time and right way to wear a back support belt. Wearing a back support to prevent re injury when participating in work or sport that may over stress your back is a sensible way to get back into activity. The Smileybelt facilitates muscle action rather than blocking it because it is flexible, so you can build up muscle tone and regain strength and eventually not need the extra support.
Your sacro-iliac joints are flat joints at the back of your pelvis. They sometimes cause pain when you roll over, take weight through one leg (eg when walking, going up and down stairs), or move from sitting to standing, as well as bending forward and lifting. A Smileybelt will support your sacroiliac joints and assist your muscles and ligaments to keep control - reducing their workload and allowing them to recover from fatigue. Wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back.
The symphysis pubic joint is at the front of your pelvis. It is a hinge type joint which connects the two sides of the pelvis together and like the sacro- iliac joints is stabilised by strong ligaments. It has abdominal, pelvic floor and lower limb muscles attached to it and during pregnancy comes under a lot of strain. Each time you take a step, your weight is transfered from your trunk to your lower limbs through this joint. If there is a problem with this joint it will be most noticeable when you stand up, go to take a step, and when you roll over in bed and when you walk. When a Smileybelt is wrapped around your pelvis at the level of the pubic joint it will gently assist in stabilising this joint as you walk. Because it is flexible the movement is more fluid and the belt more comfortable than a rigid pubic support. Wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back.
With your joints held in alignment when you wear a Smileybelt, your muscles and ligaments will respond normally and quickly when you move, so your balance reactions are more stable.
Once the acute inflammation has settled down, wear a Smileybelt to support you back into movement when you are recovering from injury. Healing occurs in optimum conditions. By reducing on going muscle spasm and pain by using the Smileybelt support you will enhance good relearning and long term recovery. If you are vulnerable to back pain wear a Smileybelt to assist with support when you are partaking in prolonged or heavy work or play to ensure long term respite with sensible management.
Now that you are active with good alignment and support, your deep supportive muscles and large outer muscles will work in good patterns of movement and be able to regain knowledge and strength. Recovery will occur more quickly and re-injury is less likely to occur as your muscle tone will become more balanced.
By supporting your pelvis with a Smileybelt the gentle compression around the pelvis will control intra-abdominal pressure (which builds up when you bend and lift, laugh, sneeze and cough, and push or pull). Because the pressure is controlled, there is dramatically less stress on your spine and pelvis as the Smileybelt controls the effect of the intra-abdominal pressure.

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