The Importance of Self Care During Pregnancy

While our body goes through endless changes from the day we are conceived until the end of our lives, no changes are as intense as those that occur during pregnancy. Not only is your body going through enormous changes physically and chemically, but we have a whole lot to deal with emotionally, too. While you don’t […]

Watching Out For Umbilical Hernias During Pregnancy

At some point during your pregnancy, you may notice your “innie” belly button suddenly becomes an “outie” due to your rapidly expanding baby belly. This is perfectly normal. However, there is a chance that your growing baby can result in an umbilical hernia. This may sound concerning, but umbilical hernias are generally harmless – though they […]

Why Smileybelt Is An Awesome Postpartum Support Tool

There’s no arguing that pregnancy puts an enormous amount of strain on the body. Any expectant mother will confirm that a growing baby bump comes with aches, pains, and a changing body that needs extra TLC and support. Unfortunately, many of these issues don’t magically disappear after the baby is born.  However, the pay off […]

The Cycle Of Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is like many other disagreeable experiences occurring in our lives. We go through a cycle of emotions as it affects our daily routines and our expectations of ourselves. Especially when it becomes a chronic condition. As many as four out of five adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. While […]

3 golden rules for practising yoga (and other exercise) during pregnancy

1. Don’t over exert yourself. We are all for keeping active during pregnancy at Smileybelt and our support belt will certainly help you do that, but it is not a time to start running marathons or win a gold medal. Keeping active, and your energy flowing is awesome but you don’t want to raise the […]

What Is Sacroiliac Joint Pain During Pregnancy And How Can You Treat It?

The human body is an amazing thing. With so many working parts and functioning systems, it is no wonder that sometimes things don’t always work as they should. Pregnancy is often a time when the body is under strain, as our bodies transform and adjust to accommodate a growing baby. Women experience a range of […]

Gentle Yoga for Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic girdle pain can range from being a bit of discomfort to being excruciating and debilitating. During pregnancy self-care is of optimum importance but when you’re in pain from performing basic life functions like sleeping and walking it could seem like exercise is out of the question right? Thankfully not. The appropriate movement, that is […]

What Is Diastasis Recti And How Can I Correct It?

A hard term to pronounce and an uncomfortable condition to deal with… but what is Diastasis Recti? Affecting around two-thirds of women during or after pregnancy, diastasis recti is one of the most common conditions you should be aware of. If you are experiencing a hard to ditch “belly pooch,” ridges and bumps down the […]

Exercise During Pregnancy – Our Top 3 Recommendations

You’re pregnant? Congratulations! No doubt your mind is abuzz with preparing for the journey ahead. Your body is changing and developing into a nurturing space for your baby. You may be wondering what kinds of exercise are safe for both you and baby. In this post you’ll find our three most recommended ways to stay […]

What is Round Ligament Pain?

The changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy are nothing short of astounding. After all, you are growing a human inside you. As your body adapts to accommodate a growing baby, you will experience a range of sensations that are new to you. Some are amazing. But unfortunately, some will be less than pleasant! […]

What is Happening – 1st Trimester

The first trimester (weeks 1-12) of pregnancy are dynamic for you and your growing baby. The astonishingly rapid hormonal changes are responsible for the formation and ongoing growth of your baby, as well as preparing your body for the birth. And although each day may seem to take forever as you go through this transitional […]

1st Trimester – Things To Do

CONGRATULATIONS on Your Pregnancy When your excitement turns into ‘help there is so much to think about’ –  you need a list and a plan. Here are some of the things you can add to your 1st trimester to do list. Begin Managing Your Current Lifestyle  Make your day to day activities pregnancy safe. The 1st trimester […]